Saturday, November 29, 2008

Make Money Online using YouMint


I just tried a very popular network called YouMint and it looks amazing!

1. Invite Friends and get them to invite theirs. Mint Money! (Rs. 110 for 20 friends)
2. Choose to receive relevant SMS Promos. Mint even more money! (Approx Rs. 650 a month)
3. Send Free SMS to anyone in India!

This site is great, it's free, we will also get paid for incoming sms and emails. 15 Lakh indians have joined and I was invited too! YouMint is an award winning service where members have already generated Rs 35 Lakhs in earnings! It could pay our mobile bills:-)

YouMint is backed by international investors of great fame and the same guys who started the mobile short code revolution in India! Check it out...

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