Saturday, December 13, 2008

How To Build Traffic To Your Blog

Setting up a blog is easy but maintaining and promoting it in search engines needs specialized skills. You need to understand how blog functions and in what ways it can be promoted successfully to generate instant and constant stream of traffic.

Whenever you update or add posts to your blog, you can ping to let services (designed specifically for connecting blogs.) know your blog content have changed since last update. This is like telling others that you have changed. It is seen that pinging increases traffic to your blog.

With Wordpress, checking for updates in your blog is done automatically and the changes are reflected usually by moving you blog links on top of bloggers blogroll list. This way you get more clicks to your blog.

If you want to increase more traffic to your blog, you can install additional pinging services. Its seen that pinging frequently increase traffic to your blog. Most of the blogging software comes with at leas one ping updates which pings every time you add a new post; but if you want to ping even if you edit your post to update it, you need to install additional plug-ins.

Wordpress bloggers can add additional update ping services by simply login to there account and adding more update services in their list present at the bottom of the sub-sub menu Writing tab under Option menu. A long list if services to be added can be found here at .

Besides pinging services, you will also need to submit your Rss feeds to various directories and search engines to increase traffic to your blog. One advanced tip (often missed) while making your Rss feeds is to carefully select keywords which are high on traffic but low in competition and use them in the text of the feeds. Also update your feeds more often to increase your chance of being found in the SERPs.

Nothing else can beat the power of adding keyword rich contents to your blog frequently. This has the major impact in attracting quality traffic to your website as more and more posts from your blog find their way into the search results. Usually it is seen that blogging frequency is most when you have newly installed your blog and after 2-3 months of blogging the frequency of blogging tends to decrease. So, it is the continual efforts that will get your blog the much-deserved traffic.

Happy Blogging!!

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